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Do you want more sales for your business?

Then you might want to get an Animated Explainer Video for your website, social media and to email to prospects.

Hi, I am George, and today, for the first 20 clients, we are slashing our price from $997 to just $597. Yes! a $400 savings.

Here’s what you get:

– A 60-Sec Video Formatted For Websites, YouTube, etc. – A 60-Sec Video Formatted For Social Media, Mobile, etc. – Email Blast of your video to 100,000 prospects. Book a call with me here:

For less than you spend on dinner per month, you get an American Owned Company to write your script, lay a soundtrack, and produce an awesome video that brings home the bacon.

Did you know:

• 64% of customers buy a product online after watching a video. • Putting videos on websites increase conversion rates up to 80%. Don’t miss out!!! Order now before the 20 slots are gone.

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